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It’s like an intellectual Disneyland… Mark combines an in-depth knowledge of the Old Testament with a wonderful historical backdrop. The exhibits at the museum are presented in the context of a flowing narrative, clearly linking in the events of the bible with what is on show. This is an amazing example of a teaching gift at work. Mark’s passion for scripture and the history surrounding it ensure that this is so much more than a routine museum tour. A thoroughly enjoyable day that will stimulate your thinking as well as building your faith….The best day out in London I’ve had in a long time.Dr David Carter

Our church group had a great time. Younger believers saw the big story of the scriptures clearer than ever before, the older ones found plenty to learn and were moved to see artefacts that time and again confirmed the veracity of the biblical accounts. Recommended for anyone!

Jon Beardon. Wellspring Family Church, Dereham

Millions come every year to see the British Museum’s unique display of exhibits. Mark Hendley’s clients are among the few to leave with deep insight and inspiration. He uses a strong Biblical narrative as the backbone for weaving together the spiritual, political and cultural themes to trace God’s purposes in history. In doing so he has left me with deep confidence in the historical accuracy of the Bible and ignited my desire to study the Old Testament.

Ian Gregory

A superb tour and talk giving amazing insight into the surrounding peoples during the OT times which helps one to appreciate why God wanted Israel to be set apart. Thoroughly recommended.


Fourteen of us were guided around the British Museum by Mark last Saturday.  It was a most amazing and informative experience.  There were many ‘Wow!’ moments!  Mark’s knowledge and passion for Bible history brought parts of the Bible to life in a fresh way, and helped both to set Biblical accounts in world history and for us to comprehend more of the God who is over all of history.  Awesome! I would highly recommend this Tour.

Chris Brockwell. St Luke’s Maidstone

I cannot speak highly enough of the Kingdom Collision Tour of the British Museum. I wish I had done it years ago. It is not just walking round looking at a lot of relics. Mark is a consummate ‘story teller’ and makes the whole thing come alive with richness and depth. I was thoroughly gripped the whole day.  Make no mistake this tour will help so many people.
-Preachers will have greater perspective on the biblical backdrop they are speaking of.  
-Any Christian will feel more confident of the historicity of their faith.
-Any person looking to explore more about the Christian faith will be helped to see how the bible fits together with authenticity.

So groups, young or old, men or women,  believers or those exploring… all should without delay sign up for this stunning experience of a tour! 

Mike Betts. Relational Mission Network

The trip was excellent and very well presented. My group absolutely loved the day and felt the historical information built a stronger set of foundations for their faith. The rest of my group are keen to come . I will definitely  be organising  a return trip. Thank you mark.

Ian Moody

After doing ‘The Stones Cry Out’ at the British Museum, I can confirm that this tour is a worthwhile experience designed to prove the authenticity of the Bible. It is a ‘must-go’ for anyone: Christians would be strengthen in their faith, and people looking into Christianity would be given enough evidence to demonstrate that the Bible is true indeed: real places, real people and real events.

Moreover, besides the intellectual side of the tour, you would be challenged at a spiritual and emotional level. It is a tremendous blessing to see how God orchestrated the history in order to fulfil his promises. By looking at the raise and fall of civilisations, you can observe how everything happened for a reason: to prepare the arriving of Jesus, who came into the world ‘at the right time’.
As a Christian, I was extremely encouraged to see that God keeps his promises, he is faithful to his Word and he would bring his work to completion…Totally recommend! 

Christiana Savu. Romania

What a fascinating and faith-building day.  Mark seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the bible and of British Museum artefacts. He spoke with passion, a personal experience of God, and in an a way that made me feel like the old testament stories were happening right before me and I was a part of them!

Emma Blount

Thank you so much for a brilliant day at the Museum. How blessed we are that the Lord has revealed so much to you, linking archeology with the Bible.

I am sure you are aware that what you have discovered is ground breaking material, what a precious discovery!

John Fleetcroft

Just a brief note to say a thank you for a fantastic day at the British Museum today.  

Your enthusiasm and knowledge made the day truly brilliant and your snippets of application to us today made the whole thing a time to remember, if not life changing.

Dave Camp

Pat & I would like to thank you Mark for organising today’s trip to the British Museum.

We found it interesting, informative and stimulating. It was fascinating to learn how the antiquities you showed us and talked about verify statements made in the Bible.

Thank you Mark for giving us such a memorable visit to the British Museum. Best wishes.


I was on the Tour yesterday with a group from Trinity Bexley Church Bexleyheath.

Thank you for such an excellent insight into the many artefacts which prove the authenticity of the Scriptures,  they were most helpful.

Also I appreciated your pastoral applications to us.

Anne Linley

Lynne and I feel very privileged to have been included in the Museum tour led by Mark Hendley.  Lynne has lived with ‘The inspired Word Of God’ since she was old enough to read, and 28 years as Sunday School teacher has given her a solid foundation, but we both can say what a spell binding day Mark made for us.
From the development of Language and Literacy right through to Artaxerxes Silver Bowl we were treated to an encyclopaedic historical walk through the Old Testament, delivered with sincerity, charm, wit and pace that made the artefacts live.  At times, despite the volume of people in the building, it felt as if the revelations were just for you.

“The Stones Cry Out” is a recommended ‘must’ for anyone who really wants to get behind ‘ These signs have been written so that you may believe’.  A “Wow” factor tour in the truth.

Simon & Lynne Richardson

It was a faith-deepening, eye-opening, inspiring experience for me. the tour is a must for everyone, especially for the Christian!! I found every aspect of walking back through the Biblical history fascinating. The number of period pieces/artefacts discovered are immense. Downright mind boggling! It has brought the scriptures alive for me. Our tour guide, Mark, was highly informative, interesting, and knowledgable! I highly and thoroughly recommend you book a tour. Mark oozed passion that was evident in all that he showed and told us. He was spot on. Top bloke! You will not be disappointed. Promise. I plan on booking another tour with my family. Can’t wait.

Vivien Jones

Thank you so much for the tour on Saturday. It was very informative and interesting and definitely with some “WOW” moments. It was certainly a jaw dropping moment to contemplate that Daniel, Ezekiel, Nehemiah and other Old testament “Giants” had gazed upon and probably touched some of the artefacts that my own eyes were looking at!

Chris Wintle

My daughter invited me to the British Museum, unbeknownst to me I was in for a most wonderful and exhilarating tour through biblical history, an absolute must for all believers and would be an opportunity to bring non-believers a taste of the God we worship, who moreover loves us, Mark’s love for God and his desire to bring the scriptures to life shone throughout his commentary and will highly recommend everyone I know to have a share of  my experience.

Christine McNair 

Mark has loads of passion about his subject, he knows his subject. The tour was fascinating, and has made my faith come alive in a new way for me.

Josephine Browne

A long day, but enthralling from start to finish. It was exciting to have such an illumination of the Old Testament by secular exhibits. Thoroughly recommended.

Robin and Chrissie Law

This visit to the British Museum was great fun, very well structured, highly educational and inspiring in its delivery and impact. I would thoroughly recommend it to others.

Pete Carter. Senior Leader of North Kent Community Church

I keep telling everyone that they should do the museum tour with you. Your knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious and truly brings biblical reality to life. I am still marvelling at seemingly disastrous events that led to these facts being revealed to us today. It was fun and inspiring and some seriously WOW moments. The guide book is excellent. When is the next one?

Susan S. Teacher

The trip exceeded our expectations, which were incidentally very high. Not generally ones for museums we found ourselves excitedly looking at artefacts that have existed since biblical times, all beautifully put into context in Mark’s knowledgeable and engaging way.  By the time we got to items that Esther and Nehemiah had also gazed upon we were practically skipping.  Book now this is a trip not to be missed!  

 The Thomas Family

Fabulous time, we feel so inspired, and it was a privilege to be there. Thank you for passing on your enthusiasm, knowledge  and passion for the subject.

Still ‘wow-ing’!!

Kate S. Nurse

If you ever get the chance to go with Mark on one of his British Museum trips then don’t miss the opportunity. Mark’s knowledge of the scriptures and the history of the Bible come together powerfully as he conducts you round the museum. If you’ve struggled with history and museums you’ve no need to worry, as history, artefacts and the Bible come powerfully alive. Your faith will be strengthened and you’ll be better equipped to share your faith.

Richard Burgess. Elder: Gateway Church Ashford

Excellent! Mark’s booklet and guided tour is brilliant. As he guides you through the  museum he is guiding you through the pages of the Bible and the life of the Ancient Near East. From small cultural details, to the rise and fall of empires, the world of the Bible comes alive in a most immediate way. The archaeology on display will not only help authenticate the Bible for you but will also enable you to reach out and touch Biblical characters and events, feel the promises and presence of God, and have your knowledge of God’s word deepened and strengthened.

David Webster. Director of NKCC School of Supernatural Ministry

A very special thanks to you for giving so generously of your time and knowledge on Saturday. It was mind-blowing!!!! We had a fantastic time, and it really brought the Bible to life (and helped me to understand some bits I’d never really come to grips with before). I guess the real evidence lies in the fact that at 10.30 that evening, we were still poring over the tour guidebooks with Rob’s parents and the kids – 3 generations discussing Nehemiah – awesome!!!!!

Vicky Schulz. Teacher

Who would have thought that in the British Museum, you could feel so close to biblical characters such as Esther, Nehemiah, Daniel, Joseph, Moses and even Abraham? The amazing tour guides know some fun information about how ancient history meets the Bible. They make the Bible story so vivid that when the visit is over, the first thing you want to do is to open your Bible and read one of those obscure books of the Old Testament and see for yourself how these stories unfold and intertwine to tell a much bigger one in front of your eyes.

I had a fantastic day, and having learnt a lot about the twists and turns of the historical background of the story, I cannot but marvel at God’s sense of timing, humour and orchestration. The times are definitely in his hand. Thank you guys for sharing your amazing knowledge. It opened new perspectives. You really blew my mind!

Irene N. French Teacher

For me the museum trip is one of those ‘must do’ trips. The tour cleverly follows the bible pointing out artefacts that verify or bring to life biblical passages.  It was wonderful to hear how certain objects confounded years of thought by historians, who were convinced the bible was inaccurate.

The highlight for me?  Seeing wall paintings that Queen Esther would have seen, and the very cup that Nehemiah might have held.  Don’t think twice- do it!

Mike von Fraunhofer. Doctor

This is an i-opening tour that is i-ntelligently and thoroughly researched, having the i-nformative historical content i-lluminated through i-nspirational explanations. So good i-want to do it again.

Bill Reynolds. Retired Teacher

Thanks for a fascinating tour today! It really brought the Old Testament to life!

Emily Cook. University Student


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