TheGreatCourtOfTheBritishMuseumMark is available to host church, youth, school, seminary or private tours of the museum. Over four years of research and development have been poured into developing an awe inspiring experience

The tour takes a whole day (5hrs in the galleries plus lunch). Mark is personally available for all this time and can tailor the content to suit specific needs, interests and questions. Shorter bespoke tours can be arranged if necessary. For more information and pricing schedules contact Mark here.

Each ‘tourist’ will have the use of a high quality full colour museum tour-book for the day with the option to purchase once the tour is over.



The tour gives an interactive experience that…

    • Clearly presents the framework and timeline of the Bible
    • Casts light on the historical and cultural backdrop to both the big and little stories of Scripture
    • Provides high quality corroborative evidence for many of the characters, places and accounts of the Bible
    • Re-examines familiar Bible accounts in the light of extra-biblical evidence
    • Demolishes longstanding arguments against the accuracy of the Bible
    • Presents each ‘tourist’ with artefacts that truly have the ‘Wow!’ factor

Important Information:

The day can be a little tiring on the legs and so comfortable shoes and a reasonable level of fitness are recommended. However, shorter bespoke tours can be arranged for those who may be elderly or infirm. For more information contact Mark here.

The galleries above ground level can also be quite warm as a result of the display lighting and so appropriate clothing is recommended.

The museum also boasts the following facilities: Toilets, cloakroom, food court, restaurant, giftshop and bookshop. Go here to visit the BM website.

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