Booking Mark…


As a principle Mark prefers to serve from a place of relationship, as the most fruitful service happens when there is a common  understanding of personal history, ethos, vision and values. However, many fruitful serving relationships also develop when people work alongside each other for the first time! In light of this Mark is available for booking and may be able to serve and your organisation in the following ways:

    • Preaching
    • Teaching
    • Conference Speaking
    • Theological Lecturing
    • Kingdom Training and Equipping
    • Bible Tours of the British Museum
    • Old Testament and Ancient Near East History
    • Chaplaincy
    • Specialist Input To Schools for the R.E. Syllabus and Ancient History
    • Creativity Teaching Seminars
    • Creative Theming for Church Program
    • ‘Encounter’ Services/Evenings

Mark is also open to exploring other areas not listed. To discuss your needs/ideas further contact Mark here.