Easter 1

Creation and creativity point to a Creator…


Being created in the image of The Creator God is central to our identity as humans; but to those who are redeemed, creativity is a fundamental expression of being conformed to His image.

It is not only in our love for one another that He is proclaimed but also when we use the full spectrum of creative expression. Simply put, when we are creative we point to the creator.

Composing, writing, painting, textiles, technical, music, drama, dance, lighting, sound, etc are all legitimate vehicles to express our creativity and our Creator.

In over 14 years of full time church leadership Mark has used and championed creativity as a normal model for worship, evangelism and community life. He has consistently pushed the boat out in the use of visuals, music and stage design to help complement worship, preaching, teaching and vision casting.

Mark has taught, inspired, coached and helped plan creative strategy and implementation for regular church life, events and conferences.