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Deny it if you will: summer has begun the slow drift of a cooling romance and soon hues of red and brown will subtly assert themselves on our collective conscience.

Primitive peoples dreaded the death that autumn spelt… Would the sun ever return to bring new life? Little did they know that in the death throes of every autumn shade, was the process of withdrawal in preparation for the new season of growth. Growth that would add limbs and leaves; growth that would add rings and reach.

Beloved! if you find yourself in a season of enforced inactivity know this…. the Holy Spirit Himself is working deep within you. Preparing you for the next season. A season of expanded growth where your added rings and reach will give increasing Glory to your Father in Heaven.

He promised Noah that as long as the earth remained the seasons would run and run. Yes there will be seasons of life and yes there will be seasons of death… but season by season there will be growth. And that growth will be IN Him and that growth will be FOR Him.

EMBRACE the season!


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  1. Louise Oakley
    September 1, 2015

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    Thank you for this: very apposite, helps me to be patient.

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