…on Earth as it is in Heaven


Mark is Passionate about Jesus and hungry for revival… Flowing from his faith in Jesus  and shaping his ministry ethos is a core belief that the Kingdom of God is the key interpretive thread of the Bible. He says ‘Christians are not saved just so that they can escape a fallen world, but so that they can also be a conduit for heaven’s transforming Presence, Power and Principles, here on earth.’

It is Mark’s belief that ‘…the world does not need more churchianity. Rather, it needs more of heaven. When the church fully embraces her identity in Christ and pursues intimacy with the Father, then and only then, can we expect to see the kind of supernatural impact in the Holy Spirit that Jesus himself instructed us to pray for.’

In light of this Mark’s vision is…

‘…training, equipping & releasing the church to understand her identity, pursue intimacy and minister with supernatural impact; so that she fulfils her destiny as God’s Plan ‘A’ for world transformation.’


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